I’m at my aunts house dog sitting. I’m out back just hanging out. I keep hearing this bike horn sound. I finally turned around and there are chiCKENS. I repeat CHICKENS in her back yard. I was not aware of this. We are in the city.


Anonymous asked:

Am I being petty or does the scene in The Empty Hearse where Sherlock and Molly go to see the man who works with the train CCTV really show Sherlock as a hypocrite? I rewatched that scene and was so disappointed in how judgmental Sherlock becomes immediately, Sherlock of all people should not be begrudging and openly mocking nice people because they have a slightly bizarre obsession, he surely doesn't deserve the sympathy he gets over Donavan's name calling as he has no problem with it himself?

bbcatemysoul answered:

Well, one of the purposes of the train guy’s character is to serve as a foil for Sherlock, because of the very similarities you point out, and the fact that Sherlock (who also has a funny hat himself) literally puts on this guy’s funny hat earlier in the episode, really drives the comparison home. And the specific things that Sherlock finds ridiculous about this guy are also very telling: 1) he seems to think the guy’s all-consuming work/hobby is ridiculous and 2) he thinks that this guy is so weird that it’s inconceivable that someone is romantically involved with him. I’ve always felt that the point of this was to get a glimpse into exactly how Sherlock feels about himself.